Winter songs from summer bruises

by Deux Pieds Deux Dents



released February 5, 2016

Recorded by ourselves in December '15.
Mix & Mastering by Sébastien Bedrunes @ Empty Fields Room.


all rights reserved



Deux Pieds Deux Dents Poitiers, France

Label DIY PunkRock / HxC - Label / Distro / Concerts

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Track Name: Lights off
All my friends are walking away
As my perspectives disapeared
I loose my temper every time I shut the door
Every second is another missed shot

Never thought I’d be so weak,
(Where the fuck is my common sense ?)
Never thought, I’d be so strong,
But how does it feel eyes wide open ?

Lights off, I can hear you crying,
Empty pack of medicine,
These scars on your forehead,
My hands are full of blood

Knee deep in this nonsense shit ,
You can’t stand on this tightrope
It’s a moving forward,
Not a runaway

I’ve clean the mess in my head,
But when I look In your eyes
I see nothing but myself
Falling over again

Just can’t unsew my mouth
A few words to fix this
Place your hands in mine
So I can crush them hard again
Track Name: Lifelines
I feel so sick to my stomach
When I think nothing's about luck
But wrong decisions that I've made
What does it feel like to be me?
Terrible feelings with cheap wine
And all those things I'll never be
Keep waking me up at night
I swear my days won't pass me by

In the lights of the river bed
I draw something meaningful
My existence scares me to death

Still obsessed by a better "me"
I'm trying as hard as I can
To build my life as a piece of art
I want my best friends to be proud
Not to stand next to a complete wreck
Because I've hit the bottom,
A thousand times trapped in a maze
But I'm reborn, let's get reborn

May my dark thoughts stay with me
To turn them all into a blaze
If it feels like nothing's changing
We'll fight in an alcoholic haze
With our broken hearts raging
And shape dirty comets with our names
To forget that exists
Is a terrible weight to carry
Track Name: All I never wanted to be
Have you ever thought about your birthday as a funeral?
Cause I do, I do, still striving to sleep
And from the start I've learnt how to live all alone
So terrified by all those things I never wanted to be

Staring at a glass I can barely hold in my hands
A thousand failures drawn on my lifeline
I keep drinking fast to hide how scared I am
And fuck myself (over again) 'til I black out

So, I raise my glass, keeping me safe from my greatest fears
Choked up with bruises, wishing for the sun to never come
The weight from my choices is too much for me to carry
When the bartender has to drive me home...
Track Name: Rooms
Drowning in the promises I made, I suffocate,
These hands I took are now blindfolding me,
Was it easier before ?
Not excepting this, not what I wished for,
I feel alone but I understand,

Stop drowning my frustrations in these parties,
Cheap talks that I spit in my beer,
Better be soaked with sweat and tears
Living in denial, waiting for people to become models,
Need to make some room for the real me and you

I’ve been watching over my shoulder
Searching for an answer in my past,
So afraid to face what’s in front
As it could be a mirror
I quit living in the other's plans
Time is running out, no place for a dream,

Now every second I become more awakened
Gotta get up and run before I rust
Start acting, take all this in my hands, choke it
This time I’m sure I can handle it
Track Name: The more miles, the less trouble
Broken but not defeated
Rough roads for troubled hearts
We never played to win
But we own this time anyway
Our caravel guided by the endless summer nights
Keeps thundering under the trembling skies

The more miles, the less trouble
'Cause in this basement
We'll always find someone
Closer than our families've ever been

Let the engine drown out the heartache
Let the rain wash away the pain

Broken but not defeated
Friendship for heavy hearts
We never played to win
But we own this place anyway
My misfortune companions as only witnesses
Are tending their flayed fates in the backseat

Dim lights of cities will keep us warm
But I'm still talking in my sleep

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