The Story Of James Patterson

by The Flanders



released November 11, 2014

Recorded at Chipolata Framboise Studio (Treillières 44) by Flamby La Flaque.
Vocals recorded by Enguerran Wimez & Charles Quelennec at Dark Fader Studio (St Léger des Bois, 49).
Mixed by Flamby La Flaque / Mastered by Gilles Théolier


all rights reserved



Deux Pieds Deux Dents Poitiers, France

Label DIY PunkRock / HxC - Label / Distro / Concerts

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Track Name: Dumb Freaks
Excuse me please, for being such a freak
I don’t know how it’s supposed to be
I say I’ve got plans and everything,
But in fact

I’ve been walking backward my whole life

Without my friends my life seems pointless
I still got this feeling that without you I could have never gone so far

I know that life can be a bitch sometimes
I know it sucks to be a part of
This daily grind, that keeps me jaded 9 to 5

Dumb Freaks, Yes we are
Starving some fun in this mess
Life is so boring anyway
Kick this shit out, we mean it
Track Name: The Story of James Patterson
Let's kick this shit out !
Let's go downtown !
Let's get wasted !
Let's beat up some white trash kids !

Can't see clear through smoke and dust
This place smells like sweat and desolation
But we're gonna get shitfaced somehow !

Up above the crowded room
Something strange happened
We saw a flashlight in the gloom
And now the clocks are running backward

Like trapped in the eye of a storm
Like grabbing a bull by the horns

Just let the liquor fill your veins
This noise is driving me insane
James Patterson is the man
Raise your glass, but watch your mouth my friend !
Track Name: The end of W.W.
My gun is loaded
And there's no turning back
Avoid the streets, must find a way
to cross the border

Yeah I ain't got much time
"So get to the point !"
Must reach El Paso before
The sun goes down

This hat, this moustache,
My selfish masquerade
I'm Everywhere on the news

The ordinary fight
Of an ordinary man
Now everything's is gone
Under a pale blue sky

This is the final chapter
The end of the line
I've got a date with Santa muerte

I'm a fallen hero
The shadow of myself
Four burning wheels
Through desert of Mexico

Reach the border
To the vanishing point
It wasn't supposed
to end that way

Never surrender
Never give up
You won't find my name in the obituary
Track Name: The ashes of something new
The room is full
But I can barely hear a sound
In with the out crowd I feel so bored
Such a trainwreck
Have you ever felt this need to burn it down
And start again for something new

We’re still alive & well
But we just keep on running circles
Will we ever have so much fun?
… I don’t think so

You’re wondering why I’m feeling blue
Why It’s been days since I didn’t call you

Don't get me wrong!
I still like bonding, I still like sharing
I love my friends more than everything
But the only thing I need from know is a fresh start

Can you see it?!!!
Things are just the way they were 3 years ago

We keep on starving for change
But everything just feels like déjà vu

I'm just so sick of moving backward
I can't stand it anymore,
The fact is I need change for something new
Am I being unfair? Am I being selfish?
Is it the way it feels when you grow up?
Track Name: Vegan Zombies
By the night,they come from the shadows
Eating trees, eating the bushes
And they will rock your diet away !

It's not an urban legend
Believe me man, this shit is real !

You'd better join the vegan army
Come on man be a vegan zombie
Stop pretending that you're free!

They want to own it all!
Instead of bridges they're building walls
Break your chains, & join us all

Human's not the finest one
We're nothing more than breathing, smoking
And shitting machines
We're living on the contradiction
Living the perfect plastic dream

I'd rather burn some blank sheets
Than stand their stupid speech
Track Name: Blackout
I’m gonna throw up!
Gonna take the night off!
Nothing can stop me now
Blackout, out of order

I’m gonna throw up
Cannot remember shit
Last call and the bar is empty
Drinking is a way of life for me

Blackout I’m going nowhere
Lights out, stab me I’m dead yet!

How did I got here?
Feeling completely helpless
I’m the last living dead
A single piece of rotten flesh

How did I got here
Drowning in a pool of puke
No one seems to notice
Zombies are back from death to glory !

Scared by the crowd
Everything’s fucking too loud!
Our time is over
Time as come for the great disaster!
Track Name: With all due respect... Fuck You!
You remain quiet!
But I can hear your filthy thoughts
The rancor, the anger inside you
But this silence won't solve anything
The end don't always justify the means

See I can handle it
I don't feel insecure or persecuted
This concept is making me sick
Now time as come for some compassion

Please don't try to teach me
How the world's supposed to be
Because you're not even listening to me

Stop complaining 'bout the sacrifices we made
There is no god, I'm not afraid !

I didn't know you'd took this train
Highway to ignorance and nonsense
to me it's all about sharing something
I'm so sorry you chose to give me nothing

Talking gibberish on nation pride
It's a losing battle, it's a lack of feeling
The day is today, lets burn all the fences
Let's get away with differences

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