The Complete Second Season

by Sheldon Cooper's Spot

Everyone is always wishing Well for everything Everyone's Mr.Somebody Current name in the city Everyone is suffocating Wondering if they're living Everyone has fear and loathing We're human non-beings That's the way we go That's the way it is No one seems to know Who's gonna be missed And in the end we're all Gonna disappear Becoming a shadow Is our biggest fear Everyone would like to try it But it is hard to find Everyone wants to keep it It's the best place to hide Everyone hopes to fall in Love, but nevermind Everyone has got something And is one of a kind
Black hole on the map Nothing has changed In my hometown Every minute I spend down here Is a mourning I pray everyday Not to come home In that awful place The no-name streets Under the raindrops Fuck up the kids Stuck in boredom People are just Shadows of shadows I marked a place Worth going to Then I left
Groezrock, I don’t wanna go I don’t wanna go to the Groezrock with you
She walks away You don't know how she's feeling She walks away She's always complaining She walks away You don't know what she's missing She walks away You're tired of waiting Take it away And feed your dreams Try to get out from your memories Take it away And feed your dreams Try to get out from this city She walks away Maybe she's dreaming She walks away Dreaming of leaving She walks away You know what she's taking She walks away Your hopes your self-esteem Falling to pieces Here's your big collapse Burn your memories It will blow up your mind
A voice made of ink and anger When words are stronger than swords We need all the storytellers To tell the truth and spread the world The books I’ve read and the letters I have written will fade away As the kisses we shared together on the park bench I think I won’t drag myself through another sunny day Right before I die I wish I could close my eyes Remember every great story Hoping at least one is mine I will only rest in peace If I have made a war to lies Will someone talk about me as «a man with things to say» ? The leaves are shriveled up and will be soon as dead as my body But I just want you to remember my shitty name I drink myself one last time celebrating my old friends
There's everything but hope In my crappy little town Of misery and toil We're moving way to slow I'm still licking the coast Lost and never be found Nor today or tomorrow (There's) No promise to no one I don't think I'll miss you When I leave you all I don't think I'll miss you I'm gone My childhood and its ghosts, These streets will beat me down Until I fucking crawl I run away before I drown Please let me leaving home My dreams still hit the ground With (my) glare in the shallows Please let me scratch me out


Enregistré par leurs soins entre Juillet et Septembre 2012.
Mixé et masterisé by Mat « Maniac » Hammer à Sydney (Australie) en October 2012.
Artwork par Pèir Lavit (


released April 23, 2013


all rights reserved



Deux Pieds Deux Dents Poitiers, France

Label DIY PunkRock / HxC - Label / Distro / Concerts

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