Goodnight memories

by Quitters

We raise our voice for the better We sing out loud through the fire We fight to find the better of us now We keep our heart beating faster We keep our light burn forever We keep it warm through the winter’s storm I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna go now I won’t let you fall asleep tonight I don’t want to go ,I won’t let you go now The words don’t come to me so easily We fight the past for the future We play out loud like an old cure We burn our lives for the better now Keep to promise me We won't forget, we won't regret this Keep to promise me
Making myself a promise Sometimes when I’m drunk at wine Late at night blood shot eyes I think that I can change Nothing last forever Always when I’m waking up The morning sun Blew me up The light still kills my hopes Drunken words remain I’m still the same Not a better man Whiskey’s spill, burning will Hoping for better things, whispering to myself Drunken line, losing sight Dreaming I’m someone else, wake up somewhere else Finding truth in this wine Sometimes, drunken thoughts at night Make me feel Something real Someone I could be Wine never paved my way I can’t keep choices I made Progress made Paths I faced Promises to myself Drunken words remain I’m still the same Not a better man
Give me back all these sleepless nights Give me back all the time we had In dark corners of some dive bars where We’re too drunk to stand on our feet Bring back the memory Bring back the honesty We found in the bottom of bottles We shared a countless times I’ll keep inside the brighter shades of time Alive and warm I’ll play it loud, an endless song that sound Into your mind I’ll keep burning the faded memories Of you and me I won’t forget the sound of the stories We used to live Please take me back When our future Were our dreams in a town full of promises Cause I would give Anything to Feel the way I did back then each and every day
These stories that we learned These words all known by heart They don’t matter anymore We found a fire in our heart Some says our dreams will fade The time will break our bones But our hearts belong unwritten virgin page We’ll find the beauty Even in this ugly city Won’t be dead inside Following a shining light We still have dreams at night Still learn from our mistakes No matter the daylight We’ll see the world with children eyes To these battles that we lost To the friends left on the road We see things came and gone Still following our own sound
Please respect yourself I’m not your fucking pawn in your fucking game Can’t trust a word you said You lie in every move you make, Breath you take The end of misery You’re coming clean to me Your two-faced disgusts me I stayed unchain to your shit Get off from my beat I’m done with your bullshit Save your breath don’t speak Cause you know I’ll stay strong, you’ll stay weak You‘re just a waste of time You weren’t worth my life, I’ll take back what’s mine
Sometimes it feels like Seasons drained my hopes away A long cold winter Blacked the youth of yesterday Dead romance did not help me to grasp, All the things I let collapse An endless list of the mistakes I’v made, Shattered me like glass Time swallows me, buries me Dig his knife slowly into my heart From my pale face, my smile fade My blood run thin through this heavy heart I let my years passed Burn the chance I didn’t take I let my ship crashed Against the banks of my regret Bitterness already grabs my throat, Since I’m growing cold His fingernails won’t stop tearing my skin Looks like old age begin
Sometimes at night I’m hoping I’ll wake up as someone else I’m feeling so far away From all that makes a person good I’m done with fighting the ghost I lost the war with my own mind My darkest thoughts bring me down Drowning into the storm Burn burn burn, I’m burning I hate the person I’ve become Burn burn burn burn, I’m burning Lost in the very darkest night Get get get away from me I’v lost all loving feelings Get get get away from me Poison splits my mind I barely broke the silence But words not came so easily They would have been the answer But I sew myself my mouth shut Nothing can't bring me a peace To ease the morning of my loss Demons still rotting my mind Split apart my soul
See the coffee freeze The smoke’s fading away Nothing’s eternal, love or funeral Simply like a burning smile Seems everything lasts just a while And everyone just a moment Just a moment Bad times and good fights Hard days after calm nights Life is strange sometimes It’s buried in our eyes Youth slept away A single notes to fade To the edge of the world We will share a shot To stay awake, watching years Burying memories



released April 24, 2017

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Paul Mac-Daniel (Polo) at Coffee Mug Studio (Marseille -
Artwork by Maxime Chuchana (
paru le 24 avril 2017

Inhumano records: INH051
Deux pieds deux dents : 2P2D023
Dingleberry records : DBR268
Bad Mood Asso DIY crew since 2008 : BMA042 -
TimTam Records: TTR002
Never trust an asshole : NT2A030
Aem Project


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Deux Pieds Deux Dents Poitiers, France

Label DIY PunkRock / HxC - Label / Distro / Concerts

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